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Experimental ESRL/GSD Model Verification for Global/Regional Model/Assimilation Development

Presentation (Fall 2011) on GSD/EMB's verification.
ESRL/GSD MATS (Model Analysis Tool Suite) verification home page

WARNING: The following links are considered legacy applications and are no longer supported by GSD.
For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please utilize the Model Analysis Tool Suite (MATS) in the link above

Upper-air verification
Raob verification (For research and operational global/regional models, global/N.Amer RAOB data)

Raob verification (For operational models only - for N.America only)
NCEP statistics based on isobaric files, verified against quality-controlled RAOBs (mandatory levels at and above 850 mb)

Aircraft verification
Statistics based on AMDAR data. Available every hour but highly non-uniform in space and time.

Global model - grid verification - Anomaly correlation statistics for FIM and GFS.

Cloud verification
Ceiling hourly statistics verified against METAR data.

Visibility statistics verified against METAR data.

Cloud and Solar Insolation verification against GSIP, SURFRAD/ISIS, and METARS.

Surface verification
Surface statistics. METAR stations verifying against regional and global forecasts. Experimental

Precipitation verification
Precipitation Statistics

Precipitation Type statistics verified against METARs Sub-24HR Precipitation Statistics. StageIV vs. HRRR, RAP, RUC, NAM Experimental

24HR Precipitation Statistics. (CPC,StageIV) vs. HRRR, RAP, RUC, NAM Experimental

Radar reflectivity verification
Composite Reflectivity Statistics. NSSL vs. HRRR, RAP, RUC, NAM Experimental

Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) Statistics. NSSL vs. HRRR, NAM_NEST Experimental

Echo Top Height Statistics. NSSL vs. HRRR, NAM_NEST Experimental

Convective Probability Statistics. NCWD vs. HCPF, RCPF, CCFP, LLProb Experimental