MADIS Surface Data (access from NOAA)

Attention: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration does not own or operate mesonet sites and is not responsible for site maintenance or data accuracy. Use this data at your own risk.

Data files of the observations plotted may be obtained from ESRL/GSDs
Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)

Latest change is 26-March-2010. See the change details page (in a new window) for further information.

Usage instructions below the display
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Brief Instructions:

Network information


Click the Select Data button to Move the mouse over the map to see the geographic coordinates, the station name and weather information.

Drag (move the mouse while holding down button 1) to choose an area in which to zoom. (The zoom will occur as soon as the mouse button is released.) Undo zooming by clicking the un-zoom or reset map button.

Click on a station to display a 12-hour time series for that station in a separate window. (Close the window in the normal way when you are done, or use the Close Histories button to close all time history windows.

Choose to display counties, highways, rivers, and/or airports by clicking the Overlays button. (Image rendering is faster when fewer lines are displayed, so you may wish to only display these after you have zoomed in.)

Drag the balls on the Temperature or Wind Speed bars to hide all data except those in the range(s) you have selected. Click on a bar to reset the range to its original value.

Drag the ball on the 'Spacing' bar to change the minimum distance between stations shown, in pixels.

Use the Show/Hide Data button to display or hide individual mesonets after the data have been loaded.

Use the Show Special button to show values, stations with missing T (shown in green), and/or stations with bad T (shown in brown).

More information.

Quality Control Codes used by MADIS QCMS

The quality control code shown after the temperature in the history window that comes up when you click on a station is one of the following:
Stage definitions are the following
  1. observation validity checks
  2. temporal and internal consistency checks
  3. spatial consistency checks

Please address questions about the data on this page to Patty Miller of the MADIS program.
Specific questions about the CWOP or ARPSWXNET program may be addressed to Russ Chadwick.

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