Change Details - GSD MADIS Surface Data Display

20-Sep-2011 (beta and production)
Restricted the number of hours to load to always be '2'. Previously, users could request any number of hours, which played havoc with the database when a very large number of hours were loaded. Routine(s) changed: get_obs.cgi

26-Aug-2011 (beta and production)
Sped up the database loading substantially by using the mysql function 'load data'. Routine(s) changed:

24-Mar-2011 (beta and production)
Made the code a little more robust against long strings in the 'sky' or 'present weather' fields. Routine(s) changed: get_obs.cgi

26-March-2010 (beta and production)
Added a warning if the user comes in from a URL containing 'fsl'.

18-Aug-2009 (beta and production)
Changed identifier below the map from 'NOAA/FSL' to 'NOAA/ESRL/GSD'.

24-Apr-2009 (beta and production)
Added visibility to the database and the display. When visibility is reported (from METAR sites), it is shown below the cursor, and also in the history windows.

5-Dec-2008 (beta and production)
Upgraded to a new database engine. We had to rewrite some of the data-getter scripts to accomodate this. We also had to blow away the database, so we no longer have data older than a few days ago.

17-May-2007 (beta and production)
Some obscure bugs in the remapping code fixed.

26-April-2007 (beta and production)

9-Mar-2007 (beta)

5-Mar-2007 (noaa and production)

12-Dec-2005 (production)
All beta changes (including an old one from 1-Feb-2005) moved to production.

9-Dec-2005 (beta)
Fixed a bug that caused a wind to be plotted if there was a good wind speed but bad direction. Now, no barb will be plotted if either the speed or direction is bad. Routine changed: lib.Barb

28-April-2005 (beta and production)
Removed the functionality to see data older than 48 hours at the request of the Oklahoma Mesonet. (It was only feasible, given current resource constraints, to treat all networks the same.)

5-April-2005 (beta and production)
AWS/WeatherBug data was removed at the request of AWS Convergence Technologies. Comments and questions should be sent to

15-March-2005 (production)
Database loading corrected to allow new data and QC flags from stations to overwrite older data. (Previously, the old data was not updated.)

1-Feb-2005 (beta)
RAOB stations added as an optional overlay. Routines added: RAOB, RAOBLoader.

28-Jan-2005 (production)
All beta changes moved up to production.

9-Apr-2004 (beta)


You can now specifiy multiple networks with the fast_load option (see 16-Sep-2003 changes). For instance, add the phrase "fast_load=Maritime,RAWS" to initially load both Maritime and RAWS data.

Various initial parameters may be set by appending a query string to the URL. The query string starts with "?", and the "&" symbol separates individual variables. In particular, Thus, to specify a zoom, a color coding and a network, you should append to the URL a string like the following: ?center_lat=25.11¢er_lon=-75.02&scale=25&color_coding=wind&fast_load=Maritime

We also changed the color mapping somewhat.



5 March 2003 (beta)
Upgraded code to be compatible with latest versions of java.

4 Dec 2002
Most AWS data moved back to the beta page. For AWS, only some observations in the Northeast remain on the production page.

2 Dec 2002

1 Aug 2002
Mesonet "AWS" added. (Covers portions of NE US).

15 July 2002
java libraries upgraded for consistency with other FSL java applets. (Should be transparent to users...)

10 July 2002
Four networks added: GoMOOS, HADS, MAP, and NWS-COOP

1 May 2002
Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) mesonet added.

4 April 2002

19 March 2002
Oklahome mesonet added.

14 March 2002
Changed the conversion between mb and inches of Mercury from 0.0295 to 0.02953 in response to feedback from a user.

26 February 2002

Added Minnesota Dept of Transportation, and several new airports. Also made code consistent with my rtvs5 applet. routines/files changed: ZoomCanvas, LoadFrame, Station, Airport, ValueDisplayer, ListFrame, ZoomPanel, InfoFrame, Geopoint, airport_info.txt


Changed screen layout somewhat to better accommodate non-Windows operating systems.


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