Reflectivity Verification - Performance Diagrams

Plots come up in a new window when you press plot curve(s).
The first plot may take 20 seconds to load. Subsequent plots are considerably faster.
To zoom any plot, click and drag across the region of interest.
To change how a curve appears, double-click (or right-click) on the curve's legend.
To change an axis, right-click on the axis.

Performance Diagrams1 provide a way to simultaneously visualize multiple measures of forecast quality in a single figure: Probability of Detection (POD), False Alarm Ratio (FAR), Bias, and Critical Success Index (CSI)

POD is the y-axis, (1-FAR) is the x-axis. Dashed radial lines represent different biases, and solid curves represent lines of constant CSI.

1 Roebber, P.J., 2009: Visualizing multiple measures of forecast quality. Wea. Forecasting, 24, 601-608

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