WRF-Chem Development and Support Team

The WRF-Chem code development and maintenance is conducted by our team at the NOAA/ESRL/GSD in strong collaboration with other research groups at NOAA/ESRL, NCAR, PNNL, NASA and ERDC and many other institutes. Many researchers from various institutions, universities and government organizations from different countries have made significant contributions to the development of the WRF-Chem model since its inception. Majority of these contributions have been provided to the worldwide WRF-Chem community as in-kind support.

For any model related questions, there is a new support forum (under the WRF-Chem session) http://forum.mmm.ucar.edu/ provided by the NCAR's WRF team. Using this new forum will allow all the WRF-Chem developers and users help each other with the WRF-Chem model and software related questions. One of the advantages of the forum over the old email based help desk is that the users can browse the old posts in this new forum. This will help to avoid repetitive questions.

For the announcements that are of an interest to the large modeling community, you can post them in this discussion list (wrf-chem-discussions@list.woc.noaa.gov). Also, always check the WRF-Chem web-page for the known problems, the publication list, and the tutorial presentations.

For new WRF-Chem users, please first complete the online tutorial exercises: online tutorials before you submit any questions. Our experience shows that, the tutorial exercises can help solving the problems some users experience in the emissions processing, selecting the namelist options and running the model.

Users may take advantage of the annual tutorials provided by us (during winter) in conjunction with the regular WRF tutorials, which are held at NCAR in Boulder, CO. In addition, international WRF-Chem tutorials are occasionally offered depending on availability of funding and resources.

In publications, please cite relevant papers describing the WRF-Chem model and its parameterizations that are used in your research. Please acknowledge the specific developer groups (such as NOAA/ESRL for the help desk, PNNL, and/or NCAR) from which you received help and support with WRF-Chem questions.

Team Members

Ravan Ahmadov NOAA/ESRL/GSD and CU Boulder CIRES (Team Leader)



Li (Kate) Zhang NOAA/ESRL/GSD and CU Boulder CIRES

WRF-Chem Support: http://forum.mmm.ucar.edu/

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