Tutorial Purpose

    The purpose of this web page is to assist the users of WRF-Chem in the atmospheric chemistry community to learn

  1. how to compile the WRF-Chem model code,
  2. use the emissions utilities to produce input data ,
  3. and run a WRF-Chem simulation.

    In the WRF-Chem tutorial the students will learn where and how to turn on namelist options to

  1. simulate dust lofting, transport and settling,
  2. include anthropogenic and biogenic emissions, and
  3. turn on the coupling between dynamics, radiation and chemistry.

    In the WRF-Chem emissions tutorial the students will lean to use some of the available external utility programs to generate emissions input data for a model simuation.

    To provide additional details and aid in the learning process, links to agendas and presentations from previous tutorial sessions as well as the WRF-Chem User's guide and the Emissions guide are made available.


    WRF-Chem version 3.8.1 Users Guide Updated 21 Sept 2016

    WRF-Chem version 3.8.1 Emissions Guide Updated 14 Oct 2016

    Presentations From the Previous WRF-Chem Tutorials

    WRF-Chem 2017 Tutorial Presentations

    WRF-Chem 2015 Tutorial Presentations

    WRF-Chem 2014 Tutorial Presentations

    WRF-Chem 2014 Nepal Tutorial Presentations

    WRF-Chem 2013 Tutorial Presentations

    WRF-Chem 2012 Tutorial Presentations

    WRF-Chem 2011 Tutorial Presentations

    Future Tutorials

    Next WRF-Chem tutorial, January 29-30 , 2018 at NCAR (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

    WRF-Chem 2018 Tutorial Agenda (Coming Soon)

    Online Tutorial Exercises

    Tutorial Exercises For Learning to Run WRF-Chem versions 3.9

    Special Tutorial Exercises For Learning to Run WRF-Chem over HKH Region

    Special Tutorial Exercises For Learning to Run WRF-Chem over South America Region

    Special Tutorial Exercises For Learning to Run WRF-Chem over Southeastern Asia Region

    This page developed by Dr. Steven Peckham, and maintained by Ka Yee Wong
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