Exercises for Nepal Tutorial using WRF-CHEM Version 3.6


It is suggested that you keep open a copy of the WRF-Chem User's Guide when doing the following exercises.

These tutorial exercises focus on the set-up and running of the WRF-Chem model over the Hindu Kush-Himalayan (HKH) region. Each exercise will reinforce the methodology of setting up and running the WRF-Chem model presented in the previous WRF-Chem tutorial exercises.

Questions regarding these exercises and/or the WRF-Chem model should be directed to WRF-Chem help.

Exercise 1: Building a domain over the HKH region that contains a dust erosion map and using it to run WRF-Chem.

Purpose: Use the WRF WPS to prepare the initial fields for a domain located over the HKH region.

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Exercise 2: Generating anthropogenic emissions for your WRF-Chem simulation.

Purpose: Using the Global emissions data (dust, sea salt, biomass burning) for a domain over the HKH region.

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Exercise 3: Building MEGAN biogenic emissions for the WRF-Chem simulation.

Purpose: To familiarize the user with the methodology by which the MEGAN biogenic emissions are introduced into the WRF-Chem simulation.

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Exercise 4: Including MOZART chemistry in the HKH domain lateral boundary conditions

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