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Message: Re: Text data from RUC

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 21 Dec 98, 14:16 MT, in response to Text data from RUC, posted by Bob Jackson (ZSE NWS-CWSU) on 21 Dec 98, 13:31 MT

Hi Bob,

Because of post-processing limitations at NCEP on the Cray3, we just don't have the BUFR data in individualized station format. That will be changed in the version of the RUC on the new SP-2 computer at NCEP, but that doesn't help you now. (But it will by July)

However, you can get ASCII data from the version of RUC running at FSL from an FSL page at http://www-frd.fsl.noaa.gov/mab/soundings/java/. That would at least work for some case studies. Hope that helps.


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