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Message: Implementation

Posted by Geoff Manikin on 6 May 99, 8:02 MT

To all RUC users-

 The implementation advertised for several days
 now and delayed this week due to the severe weather
 in the midwest and south has finally been made.
 The changes were introduced to production beginning
 with the 12Z cycle this morning (6 May 1999). These
 changes include an improved diagnosis of surface
 temperature and dew point, more smoothing of isobaric
 winds, and a modification to the CAPE/CIN computations.
 (For more information, see the previous message posted
 by Stan Benjamin.)

 In addition, that message noted that NCEP/NCO had
 temporarily allocated 10 processors on the Cray for
 the RUC and that this was dramatically speeding up the
 availability of RUC output. NCO has now decided to
 make this a PERMANENT change for the duration of the Cray.

 -Geoff Manikin

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