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Message: precipitation-related units

Posted by Tom Hicks on 6 May 99, 12:19 MT

I have been decoding the ruc2 pgrb files and preparing 'MOS-like' guidance products for a number of forecast locations around the country. This information is posted on our web page ( http://www.zfwartcc.jccbi.gov/cwsu/ruc2.htm). This information has proven itself to be very useful on a number of occasions.

I have included a link that describes the ruc2 units for each variable, and it seems that the units of [kg/m^2] for the precipitation-related variables are always very low. If I am not mistaken, [kg/m^2] converts to [mm] for water, but it seems that the numbers would actually fit [cm] better. Any ideas?

Tom Hicks
Fort Worth CWSU


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