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Message: RUC-II Format Info

Posted by Tom Hicks on 14 Feb 98, 8:11 MT

I have developed a computer program that produces computer-generated aviation forecasts (TAFs). The program uses a fuzzy logic approach that is based on MOS
and current conditions as main input. The verification of these computer-generated forecasts for the past year has outperformed not only MOS but also our offical TAFs for 30 forecast locations around the country. So I am excited about the possibility of using current RUC-II rather that up to 12-hour old MOS as input to the program.

My problem is that I have never used model output files in my software development activities. So I am therefore looking for some sort of primer on decoding and using the output files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Hicks, MIC
Fort Worth CWSU


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