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Message: RUC2 eval - questions and outline

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 5 Dec 97, 9:53 MT

RUC2 Field evaluation
Outline for NWS part of evaluation

1. Questions?

Are you getting RUC2 fields yet?

Since the data stream has been late getting to the NWS participants can we extend the field evaluation until 26 December?

Can we hold a conference call on Monday 15 Dec at 10 AM MST to discuss issues? Please call Tom Schlatter or his secretary at 303-497-6938 if you wish to participate.

Here's how this would work: You call into a central number (to be provided) with a calling card number. You'll get billed for a call to Boulder (< 1 hour), and we'll handle the rest of the conference charges.

2. Outline for NWS evaluation of RUC2 output during field test

An outline for the actual evaluation was given in the RUC2 field test plan. (issued 22 May 97, available at
More details are added here.

The primary comparison is to be with the current operational 60-km RUC1. Aviation Weather Center and Storm Prediction Center are each using their own evaluation forms. For NWS participants, we suggest a format that you can print out directly from:



It looks like this:

Rating (1-5)

1 RUC2 much better than RUC1

2 RUC2 slightly better than RUC1

3 No discernible difference

4 RUC2 slightly worse than RUC1

5 RUC2 much worse than RUC1

Rating Comments

------ --------

surface winds

/ boundaries

surface temps

surface dewpoint


250 mb winds

500 mb height

700 mb RH

850 mb temp

850 mb RH

MSL pressure

3-h pressure change


(evaluation of both forecasts and analyses, including

60-km RUC hourly sfc analyses vs. those from 40km RUC2)

New fields not available in RUC1 that also would be good to look at:

categorical (yes/no)

precipitation type

vertical velocity

(e.g., 700 mb)

snow accumulation

General comments on both analyses and forecasts:

(These would be very helpful, especially in the following areas:)

model strengths

model weaknesses

behavior of specific phenomema

especially fronts, other surface wind shifts,

areas of heavy precipitation

case studies, including figures

If possible, at least a couple of times per day. We are sure that
whatever feedback can be made will be very helpful, so the frequency
is dependent on what you have time for.

We will use all of this information to build toward a subjective
evaluation TPB for RUC2.

We would like to have all forms and documentation of cases and any
overall write-ups that you wish to do collected by 2 January 1998,
mailed to
Tom Schlatter
R/E/FS1, 325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80303

Thanks again for your help with this effort.

Tom Schlatter and Stan Benjamin

p.s. Again, a reminder to use the RUC2 evaluation web site for
informal discussion during this period.



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