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Message: Re: RUC2 eval - questions and outline

Posted by Dan Petersen on 5 Dec 97, 11:42 MT, in response to RUC2 eval - questions and outline, posted by Stan Benjamin on 5 Dec 97, 9:53 MT

I've setup our gribmaster program to get some of the RUC2 fields from the OSO server, and first tried to include the isobaric supplemental fields, as well as the main isobaric fields and surface fields. So far, it's been a bust, with very slow donloading. The isobaric supplemental grib data from 00z is all I've gotten (currently early afternoon), and grib sizes are larger than the other models. I tried to omit the supplemental fields after gribmaster kept running, and running, and running (killed after an hour and change). The present go-round indicates gribmaster is still slow, and this has been interfering with retrieval of the operational models today. Bernard Meisner's idea of paring down the sizes of the files keeps looking better and better.

Regarding the evaluation, once we get a stable downloading configuration through the regional server, do you want to just send in our results
for each day, rather than compile results from all days of the evaluation?
If deemed important, I can make it in for the telecon on Monday.

Dan Petersen
NWS Melbourne Fl


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