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Message: Re: freezing levels in RUC2, new fields to add

Posted by Will Murray on 4 Dec 97, 19:09 MT, in response to freezing levels in RUC2, new fields to add, posted by Stan Benjamin on 3 Dec 97, 18:07 MT

Hey kids-

We here at BTV were wondering a few things (what else is new eh?)...
-Is the height of the freezing level in the RUC2 AGL or MSL?
-Where's the model terrain field in the RUC2 (it should be HGHT NONE)? We can't find it in any of the grids that we're getting (the isobaric grids and the sfc RUC grids).
-It appears to us that there are 3-4 over water points (over Lake Champlain) in the RUC2's 40km grid...is this true?
-What date will the RUC2 evaluation be until? I know it was scheduled to be until Dec. 15th, but we've just now today gotten all of our scrips set-up so that they'll run properly here, and 10 days seems a little short for a full evaluation...

Also, we really miss not having model data out to forecast hour 12. We're excited to see how those categorical precip types will work out up north here. The RUC2's sfc temps and winds already appear to me to be greatly improved over the RUC1.

Will Murray, NWSO BTV


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