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Message: Re: Grid output times

Posted by Phil Harvey on 4 Dec 97, 9:13 MT, in response to Re: Grid output times, posted by Stan Benjamin on 3 Dec 97, 17:37 MT

The question about the output times for the field test was in relation to the
preparation of my scripts for retrieval and processing. What is there is more
than satisfactory for evaluation. In practice with the operational RUC, we take
the analysis and 2,4,6,...,12 hour forecast files every 3 hours. We make quite
extensive use of it for short range mission support (although it is not very
good at precip here at Edwards AFB). I look forward to seeing how much the
RUC2 improves on the RUC at our location.

As for the time extension, by the time that the files are available, downloaded
and processed, there is obviously only on the order of 9 useful hours left.
That is why a 15 hour forecast, in particular (perhaps with no 13 and 14 hour
files to save output processing time and resources), is an attractive idea.

Was also wondering if it would be possible to get a single sample file of what the BUFR output will be like when RUC2 becomes operational?



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