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The radiosondearchive is comprised of all global GTS observations.   The same decoding and extensive QC analysis are run on each observations and is consisent with data on the CDROM/DVD archive.  Data is stored in the same randomly accessible compressed data format.  Users can access this data from GSL's web site.. In 2007, we completed a merge of GTS global data available thru NCDC's IGRA project, with the observations we have collected at GSL. The merged dataset contains significantly more observations than were available from either dataset. An inventory of the data available online.

Quality Control Procedures

Most questions regarding the processing of the data can be answered by reading the official NOAA Technical Memorandum: "A Hydrostatically Consistent North American Radiosonde Data Base At The Global Systems Laboratory, 1946-Present" . This PDF document is 67MB so it may take a few minutes to download.  Please refer to this document for answers to any technical questions that are not answered elsewhere on this website.