NOAA/ESRL Radiosonde Database

General information about this database, access to station lists, database access software for our CDrom and DVD archive products, and other details is available on the ESRL website.

Recent Activities:

  • February 2018: Updated the archive with the latest IGRA-2 data from NCDC, and GTS data collected from ESRL/GSD
  • June 2017
       - reinstated netCDF output. (SkewT output will remain unavailable.)
  • May 2017
       - Moved to a new web server.
  • January 2016
       - Updated the archive with GTS data collected from NWS (IGRA archive) and ESRL/GSD data for 2015 and 2016 thru March 24th.
       - Updated the inventory to include all observations from 2000 thru 2015.

    I. Input Dates: (UTC units)

    From: yr mo dy hr

    Thru: yr mo dy hr

    II. Sounding Specific Information

    Hours of access: Data levels:

    Wind Units:

    III. Select Stations / Data

    Select Radiosonde Sites by:

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL)
    Global Systems Division (GSD)

    Prepared by Mark Govett,