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Message: RUC20 implementation - 16 April

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 25 Mar 02, 16:47 MT

Some information follows on the RUC20 implementation. Please go to the RUC20 forum for additional discussion, questions, comments, etc. at http://ruc.fsl.noaa.gov/eval/ruc20. In fact, please subscribe there if you want to see future postings on the RUC20.

The RUC20 implementation is now scheduled for Tuesday 16 April 2002 at 12z (instead of the previously announced date of 9 April). This implementation is pending CAFTI approval at a meeting on 8 April.

Test data from the RUC20 are available on the NCEP ftp
server at:
and also on the NWS ftp server at:

The output files from the RUC20 include files with 40km-resolution data, matching those currently output from the 40-km RUC. 20-km files are also available for each of the 3 gridded file-types from the RUC:
bgrb - native 3-d files
pgrb - isobaric 25-mb data plus 88 2-d fields
 (complete set of diagnostic fields)
sgrb - 25 2-d fields (surface, precip, stability)

BUFR sounding data is available from the RUC20, with hourly output. The format matches that used for the Eta model. 'Monolithic' files containing all stations are available at both ftp sites. Files broken out by individual stations are available from the NCEP site at this time.

Products from the RUC20 are available for comparison with RUC40 products at two locations:
http://ruc.fsl.noaa.gov (see index on left for NCEP RUC20)

A presentation on the RUC20 is available at

A web forum on the RUC20 for questions/answers is available at:
You can subscribe to this forum to see postings. We encourage use of this forum for your questions and
comments about products and performance.

The FSL RAP/HRRR/RUC Information Forum is maintained with a variant of WebBBS .