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Message: Re: RUC backup at FSL now running fully

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 4 Oct 99, 9:31 MT, in response to Re: RUC backup at FSL now running fully, posted by tom turton on 4 Oct 99, 8:51 MT


I just forwarded your post to Micki Farley at NCEP. They are already aware that nothing but the isobaric pggrib files are being placed on the OSO server. They have some other priorities to look after but intend to fix this. No time set yet.

I urge other RUC users who are still not seeing what they should be seeing to post to this forum. I will consolidate these and forward them to NCEP.

To summarize where we are now:

 RUC2 runs at FSL running quite close to previous time at full 40km 1h resolution.
 OSO ftps data back to OSO (prompted by LDM notification from FSL for each file). 3 types of files - isobaric (pggrib), surface (sgrib), and native (nggrib).
 OSO only has isobaric files available at this time for ftp.
 I don't know what may be happening with other downstream comms issues (e.g., NCEP AWC and SPC, AWIPS, FAA). Those are out of our control at FSL, but we can pass on problem reports, in case someone is not aware of them (but they probably are).


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