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Message: Re: temperature and wind

Posted by John Brown on 20 Jan 99, 13:58 MT, in response to Re: temperature and wind, posted by Stan Benjamin on 19 Jan 99, 8:20 MT

Another comment about wind chill--The wind-chill temperature reports that the
National Weather Service and others use is generally regarded as deficient
in important respects: it is based on the time it takes "a vessel of
near-freezing water to actually freeze under various wind and temperature conditions rather than any human physiological model of heat loss and gain under equivalent conditions." (Quayle, R. G., and R. G. Steadman, 1998: The Steadman wind chill: An improvement over present scales. Weather and Forecasting, 13, 1187-1193.) It is important to remember that temperature is a physical
quantity, independent of wind and humidity. Wind chill is an attempt to factor in the effect of wind in more rapidly removing heat than would happen if conditions were calm. The above-referenced paper contains a nice discussion of how this works for us humans and give a wind-chill chart superior to that currently used.


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