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Message: Re: temperature and wind

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 19 Jan 99, 8:20 MT, in response to temperature and wind, posted by thierry on 18 Jan 99, 11:09 MT

Here is some info from Tom Schlatter at NOAA.

When there is a blizzard (or not), the temperature given in the
standard weather report does NOT take into account the effect of
wind in chilling the body. For that purpose, there is a "wind
chill equivalent temperature" or simply "wind chill." The wind
chill equivalent temperature is the temperature at which, in a
wind of 4 mph, the body loses heat at the same rate as at the
actual air temperature and wind speed. There are standard are
very widely publicized tables that give wind chill equivalent
temperature for a given air temperature and wind speed. Tables
are available for both English and metric units.

Look at the following web site for more info:


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