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Message: fields in RUC-2 surface/hybrid/isobaric files

Posted by Tammy Kwan on 8 Dec 98, 18:20 MT


I am working on the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program at BNL. And we're trying to convert the RUC-2 files to netcdf format for the ARM scientists. I have some questions regarding the data available from the different RUC-2 files.

Are the 2-d surface fields availabe from the surface files a subset from the
isobaric main files, since their names are the same?

We noticed that there are 6 3-d variables for the isobaric main, and similar
variables from the native file. We believe the isobaric fields (Z, T, RH, U,
V, VV) are converted from the native file? If so, can the 3-d microphysical
fields (pv, qc, Qr, qi,, qs, qg, qin, tke) that are available from the native
file be converted isobaric?

Thank you,
Tammy Kwan


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