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Message: Re: upcoming RUC2 changes, 211 grid fix

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 30 Nov 98, 17:15 MT, in response to Re: upcoming RUC2 changes, 211 grid fix, posted by Bernard N. Meisner on 24 Nov 98, 11:43 MT

The fall change package for the RUC is still not in yet and final testing is now being done. We are working with NCEP on some small problem with the test environment and hope that the code will be sent for implementation within the next day or so.

We (FSL and NCEP) decided to not implement the frozen soil code and changes to soil parameters previously advertised in the change package and hold those for a change early in 1999. However, we did add extra precision in the file that defines precision in GRIB files for certain variables from the RUC, which will allow the soil variables to start cycling properly. This will have a greater beneficial effect than the deferred changes for surface temperatures.

Sorry for the delay and radio silence over the last few weeks. Thanks for the inquiry, Bernard.


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