Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled to Chemistry (WRF-Chem)

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The mission of the atmospheric chemistry working group is to guide the development of the capability to simulate chemistry and aerosols — online as well as offline — within the WRF model.  The resulting WRF-Chem model will have the option to simulate the coupling between dynamics, radiation and chemistry. Uses include forecasting chemical-weather, testing air pollution abatement strategies, planning and forecasting for field campaigns, analyzing measurements from field campaigns and the assimilation of satellite and in-situ chemical measurements.

Operational Forecasts using WRF-Chem

Operational and Real-time Air Quality Forecasts using WRF-Chem from around the globe


Community Involvement

Known issues with the current WRF-Chem model.

Email WRF-Chem help with question regarding WRF-Chem model.

Model Information

The WRF Model main webpage and the Users Resources page

WRF-Chem Public Domain Notice

WRF-Chem References and related Publications

Current Status of WRF-Chem

Anthropogenic Emissions Available for WRF-Chem

Model Evaluation

Future Plans


Online Education

WRF-Chem Tutorial Web page

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