Grid Viewer change details

23-May-2013 (beta)
We now leave a record in the Java console indicating the mean ond sd of every field plotted. Routines changed: MainViewer, grid.GridField.

23-Oct-2012 (beta)
Changed wgrib2 for force the grid order to be WE|SN (needed for GLMP files; hope it won't break anything). Routines changed: grib_reader/

10-Aug-2012 (production)
Added a button to 'show avail. files', which shows HRRR and RR files available on jet. (The list also shows RR GSI files which aren't available except on the (restricted) beta page.) Routines changed: MainViewer, FilesQueryer, and utilities/ on jet.

1-Aug-2012 (beta)
Display of GSIP data improved. Pixels where the cloud type was forced to be clear (e.g., -2 or -4) are coded in grey. False alarms that would have been hits had not the gsip data been forced to clear are coded in grey/red. Also, bias, csi, and pody are indicated in the textfield below the display. Also, cloud top temperature is now shown by the cursor. Routines changed: GSIPDataLoader, GSIPOb.

11-Jul-2012 (beta)
Display of GSIP data added. New routines: list_gsip_cases.cgi, get_gsip3.cgi, GSIPOb, GSIPDataLoader, GSIPFrame; changed routine: MainViewer.

24-Oct-2011 (beta)

6-Oct-2011 (beta)

2-Dec-2010 (beta)
Adjusted to handle rotLL grids. Wind directions may still be incorrect. Routines changed: WindMaker (maybe not fully ready yet),grid.GeoGrid, grid.GridParameters, Welcome.cgi, nph-query_grib.cgi,, grib_reader/

24-Mar-2010 (production and beta)

25-Feb-2010 (beta)

26-Jan-2009 (beta and production)
Adjusted 'query grib' option to handle files that include both isobaric and native levels (such as FIM). Routines changed: nph-query_grib.cgi

22-July-2009 (beta)

1-June-2009 (production)
All beta changes moved to production.

19-Dec-2008 and 8-April-2009 (beta)
Rapid Refresh data from /public has now been added, along with soundings at any point you click on. You can display the RR1h native, isobaric, and 2d fields, and the native fields from the RRnc (non-cycling). Soundings are always generated from the native files, even if you've displayed an isobaric or 2d file. Soundings show hydrometeors, but lack ice and grouple mixing ratios, because the native files don't have these variables. Soundings take almost 60 seconds to load, so be patient. Routines changed: Welcome.cgi, GridViewerSoundingDriver, WindMaker, grid.WindField, sdg.LoadSounding

15-Dec-2008 (production)
All beta changes moved to production.

12-Dec-2008 (beta)
All times are now the VALID TIME. There was some confusion previously about whether input and output times were the valid or run times. Routines changed: LoadFrame, grid.GridField,

7-Nov-2008 (beta)
Soundings are added. You can now click any point and get the sounding for that point, for some models. Routine added: GridViewerSoundingDriver, the entire sdg library. Routines changed: MainViewer.

25-August-2008 (production and beta)
Corrected a bug in the calculation of wind fields from u and v. Previously, the wrong grid parameters were used to calculate the wind direction from the u, v wind components in Lambert Conformal coordinate system. (Global data were not effected.) Thanks to Matt Haven for bringing this to our attention. Routine changed: WindMaker.

1-August-2008 (production and beta)

23-April-2008 (production and beta)
Changed the Slider to ensure that the beads always stay visible when method set_beads is called. Routine changed: lib.Slider.

22-April-2008 (production and beta)

20-Mar-2008 (beta)

26-Feb-2008 (production and beta)

25-Feb-2008 (production and beta)
Fixed a bug for the 'world' view that caused the point_size to be larger than necessary, thus apparently changing the location of things slightly, in world view only. (This didn't effect difference fields, or non-world displays.) Also, allow a south-to-north scan (grid_type = 11) for input files in Cylindrical Equidistent projection as well as north-to-south scan (grid_type = 10). Routines changed: grib_reader/, grid.GridField, grid.GeoGrid, grid.GridParameters.

20-Feb-2008 (production and beta)
We can now read grib2 files for lambert-conformal projections, as well as for lat-lon projections. Routine changed: grib_reader/

26-Oct-2007 (beta)
We now allow any hour of the day (0-23) to be loaded, rather than multiples of 3. Routine changed: LoadFrame.

2-Oct-2007 (beta and production)

27-Sep-2007 (beta)
Several changes to allow the reading of GFS data (world-wide, and on a lat-lon rectangular grid), and a bug fix for wind direction:

17-Sept-2007 (beta and production)
A fix needed by the wind field generation routine so it works with the 8-Sept changes (below). Routines changed: grid/WindField.

8-Sept-2007 (beta and production)

21-May-2007 (beta and production)

30-Mar-2007 (beta)
Copied this code back from the STMAS viewer, to use with the GribQuery class, and extended to look at the Rapid Refresh domain.

23-June-2006 (beta)
Changed barb scale selection from a TextField to a Slider. Routines changed: MainViewer.

23-June-2006 (beta and production)
Wind barbs added. To generate them, you must first load the U and V field, then click 'Gen Wind Field'. The created field shows wind speed as a color background and wind barbs. You can turn off the color background by clicking on the 'Set Contours' button and unchecking 'show colors'. You can control the size and density of the barbs by using the slider bar and text window below the display. (The 'Barb Scale' is arbitrary and the barb spacing is approximate--related to the grid size of the model displayed.) Routines added: WindMaker, WindFrame, grid.WindField; routines changed: MainViewer, grid.GridFieldFamily, grid.GridDriver, grid.GridField, map.ZoomCanvas, map.MapTransform.

14-June-2006 (beta and production)

13-June-2006 (beta)
Corrected contouring to deal with missing data. Routine changed: grid.contour.GridFlag.

8-June-2006 (beta)
Added differencing between any two stored fields. Also added an indication of the fraction of data loaded in the 'Loading...' field.

5-June-2006 (beta and production)

Added contouring, taken from Don Denbo's (noaa/pmel) Scientific Graphics Toolkit. (Need to add labelling).

Changed the default color table to use the one developed for SGT. Also developed GridFieldFamily and GeoGridFamily to remove dependence on 'static' variables, which can cause problems when folks run multiple instances of the applet.

Generalized the grid reading and improved the speed and memory usage. Also added a selection list for STMAS variables. Removed 'RUC'-centricity from filenames.


Moved to RUC web server. Color bar added.

Initial version on AD web server

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