Profile RUC-RAOB Statistics Change Details

26-Feb-2019 (production and beta)
Corrected a slight error in the autocorrelation calculation (did loop up to n_data, should have been n_data_n_gaps). Now r[0] is correctly unity. Also, limited the autocorrelation at 1 lag to be 0.95 so that error bars don't blow up for AC's very near unity. Routine changed:

19-Oct-2018 (beta)
Changed a buffer from 200 bytes to 2000 bytes to account for very long experiment names. Routines changed: DisplayFrame.

23-Jan-2018 (beta and production)
Eliminated gaps in the profile plots, which occasionally occurred when statistics from individual stations were plotted. Also corected a null-pointer exception which occurred, apparently, when errors are all zero due to insuficient data. Routines changed: DisplayFrame, get_vert_stats.cgi.

8-March-2017 (beta and production, on new server)
The java applet itself now gets the list of models from getModels.cgi on the server, and calculates default start and end dates. This to facilitate a java web start version. Routines changed: StatsDisplay, getModels.cgi (new), UA.RAOBS.Profiles.jnlp.

2-Jun-2016 (beta and production)
in database sum_dR & sum2_dR = NULL at mb=0 for FIM which cause vertical profile fail to show. Xue fixed this by add mb10> 0 in get_vert_stats.cgi

26-May-2016 (beta)
Adjusted the data_getter script to not include data that are more than three standard deviations from the mean at each level. Routines changed: (called by get_vert_stats.cgi).

15-Sept-2015 (beta and production)
We now allow changing the curve titles in the legend when you double-click a curve's legend. Routines changed: makejar, DisplayFrame, gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.SGLabel, gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.LineKey. Eliminated routine gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.LabelDrawer1.

10-Sept-2015 (beta)
Changed the default space grid color to Color(220,220,220) from lightGray, and set the Y-axis line to always be black. Routines changed: DisplayFrame, gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.PlainAxis.

31-Aug-2015 (beta and production)
You can now double-click on a curve's legend, or on the grid lines to bring up a dialog wherein you can change colors, etc. Routine changed: DisplayFrame.

24-Aug-2015 (beta and production)
Changed default space grid color from black to lightGray. Routine changed: DisplayFrame.

6-Aug-2015 (beta and production)

23-Mar-2015 (beta and production)

6-Mar-2015 (beta and production)
Corrected an error in the legend for min and max dates when the curves aren't matched. Routines changed: get_vert_stats.cgi,

24-Feb-2015 (beta and production)
Put close_icon.gif in gov/noaa/fsl/frd/lib. Routines changed: CurveParameters.

20-Feb-2015 (beta and production)

17-Feb-2015 (beta and production)

15-October-2014 (beta and production)
Some changes made to accommodate the pre-generation of plots, while still using the same code as an applet for generating interactive plots. ( is run by ratchet's cron to pre-generate plots, which are placed in the pngs/ subdirectory. Routines changed: StatsDisplay, DisplayFrame, NewFrameThread.

29-Aug-2014 (production)
All beta changes moved to production.

13-Aug-2014 (beta)
Added support for persistence forecasts (negative forecast lengths). Routines changed: CurveParameters.

9-Oct-2013 (beta)
For individual RAOBs (as opposed to pre-defined regions), we now generate data at every 10mb, and at specific surface levels. (Rather than calculating a 'delta_mb', we simply plot all the mb levels that come from the sql query -- and this new strategy is used for the pre-defined regions as well, although the pre-defined regions only have data every 50mb.) Routines changed: get_vert_stats.cgi

20-May-2013 (beta)
Found and corrected an error when the stat 'model' is used. It was previously calculated for T and RH as ob + bias. But since bias is defined as 'ob minus model', to get the model value correctly, we must use ob - bias. This is now corrected. Routine changed: get_vert_stats.cgi

1-Apr-2013 (beta, no fooling)

28-Mar-2013 (beta)

26-Mar-2013 (beta)
Added checking for null values when matching events, so that hours with missing RHobT (or other) values wouldn't falsely count as matched events. Routine changed: get_vert_stats.cgi.

22-Mar-2013 (beta)

27-Feb-2013 (beta)
Brought back the zero line when differences are displayed (it vanished due to a bug). Also, changed the order of colors, so the zero line shows in gray when two curves are differences. Also, linked the colors of the curves with those of the curve-parameter forms. Routine changed: get_vert_stats.cgi, DisplayFrame, CurvesControl.

15-Feb-2013 (beta)
Corrected a bug that caused the displayed max date to be determined solely by the first curve's date, rather than the union of all curves. Routine changed: get_vert_stats.cgi.

11-Oct-2012 (beta)
We now allow a comma-delimited series of RAOB wmoid's to be entered in the 'Region' field. Routine changed: get_vert_stats.cgi,

4-Oct-2012 (beta)
The returned date ranges are now the actual min and max dates returned by the query. Previously the dates were simply the requested min and max dates. Routines changed: get_vert_stats.cgi, DisplayFrame.

24-Sep-2012 (beta)

13-Sep-2012 (beta)

5-Mar-2012 (beta)
The default curve weight is now HEAVY, rather than SOLID, per Stan's request. Routine changed DisplayFrame.

22-Feb-2012 (beta)
Adjusted the web page to correctly list models that have tables that end in "_Areg0" as well as "_reg0". The tables that end in "_Areg0" (or other region numbers) include average model wind speed and average RAOB wind speed, so wind speed bias can be calculated. Routine changed: Welcome.cgi.

9-Feb-2012 (beta)

5-Jan-2012 (production and beta)
The upper limit of the drop-down box for years now updates automatically to the current year +1. Routine changed: CurveParameters, lib.JYearBox.

17-Nov-2010 (production and beta)
The list of models is now generated by looking at the database, for tables that match "ruc_ua_sums2.*_reg0". If a table of that name exists, the model name implicit in the table name is included in the list of models. Routine changed: Welcome.cgi.

4-Nov-2010 (production)

2-Nov-2010 (beta)

28-Oct-2010 (beta)
Added 18h forecasts to the list of available 'proj'. Routine(s) changed: CurveParameters.

22-Oct-2010 (beta)
Can now eliminate any curves by clicking on the 'x' in the upper right of each curve's parameter specification. (Previously, you could only eliminate the last curve.) Also, compensated for a bug in Java 6 update 22 that breaks JButtons with html tags in their titles. Routine(s) changed: DisplayFrame, CurveParameters, CurvesControl, StatsDisplay, SimpleLine2, get_vert_stats.cgi.

15-Feb-2010 (beta)
If difference curves are not asked for, the zero curve is not put out. Routines changed: get_vert_stats.cgi.

12-Feb-2010 (beta)
Eliminated those pesky little alerts that come up when no data are available. Routines changed: DisplayFrame.

27-Jan-2010 (production)
All beta changes moved to production

25-Jan-2010 (beta)
Difference curves are now optional. Routines changed: get_vert_stats.cgi, CurvesControl.

24-July-2009 (production and beta)
Added 'plot pairwise' option, in which difference curves are put out for each pair of curves, as is the case with the time series plots. Routines changed: get_vert_stats.cgi, CurvesControl.

20-Jan-2009 (production and beta)

23-Sept-2008 (beta)
We flag as missing any level that has fewer than 10% of the number of obs found at the level with the maximum number of obs. This is done to avoid spurious data at very high and low levels, where only a few RAOBs have observations. Routine changed: DisplayFrame, get_vert_stats.cgi.

16-June-2008 (production and beta)

3-June-2008 (beta and production)

5-May-2008 (production and beta)
Order of curve legends is reversed. First curve plotted is at the bottom, subsequent curves are higher up. This was done so that difference curves can more easily be clipped off screen captures. Routine changed: DisplayFrame.

31-March-2008 (production and beta)

17-August-2007 (beta)
When two or more curves are plotted, difference curves (with respect to the first curve) are also plotted. I also changed the sign of the difference curves: they are now curve_n minus curve_0. So, if curve_n has larger errors, the difference curve will be positive. Routines changed: get_vert_stats.cgi, DisplayFrame.

3-May-2007 (beta and production)
Matching runs is now an option, rather than required. If curves have different dates, you can now use the 'plot (un)matched' button to force the curves to be plotted. Use the 'plot matched' button to force the curves to show data from the same valid times. Routines changed: CurvesControl, DisplayFrame, get_vert_stats.cgi

23-April-2007 (beta and production)

28-March-2007 (beta and production)
12 hr forecasts added as an option. Routine changed: CurveParameters.

1-March-2007 (beta and production)

30-Jan-2007 (beta and production)
Now use the ruc_ua_sums2 database, which uses daily running sums on 50 mb intervals to produce plots much faster.

8-Jan-2007 (beta and production)
For the dev2 cycle, added 'regions' 3 and 4: GPS RAOBs and non-GPS RAOBs respectively.

20-Oct-2006 (production version 0.1)
Adapted this from the time-series viewer.

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