Time Series Surfrad2-Model Statistics Change Details

9-Aug-2017 (production and beta)
Can now enter a comma-delimited list of station numbers, or choose one of the station options from the drop-down list. Also, the Welcome page provides a list of stations and numbers for each network, and links to the network maps. Routine(s) changed: CurveParameters, Welcome.cgi.

8-Aug-2017 (production and beta)
Added a settable 'fract. in avg.' variable. If the number of points in an averaging interval is less than 'fract_in_avg' times the max number of points in the most complete averaging interval, the average won't be plotted. This eliminates incomplete averages. Currently, the default 'fract. in avg.' is 0.5. Routine(s) changed: CurvesControl, get_surfrad_ts_stats.cgi.

7-Aug-2017 (production and beta)
Added 'All-Surfrad' and 'All-Solrad' as options for choosing stations. Routine(s) changed: CurveParameters, get_surfrad_ts_stats.cgi.

14-June-2017 (production and beta)
SOLRAD data (formerly ISIS data) are now loaded from cmdl's anonymous ftp server. Routine(s) changed: (on emb-prod-verif) get_solrad.pl (formerly get_isis.pl).

4-May-2017 (production and beta)
The list of models is generated by the java code from the surfrad2 database each time the applet is loaded. The java code (rather than the cgi script) also determines the default start and end dates. Routine(s) changed: getModels.cgi (new), Welcome.cgi, StatsDisplay.

22-Sept-2015 (production and beta)
Fixed a problem with key label sizes by setting the default size for SGLabels to 0.16 from 0.12. Routine(s) changed: gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.STLabel.

21-Sept-2015 (production and beta)
New 'surfrad2' site. New processing of HRRR direct and diffuse insolation, and new scale sizes (3, 13, 26, 52 km) that better match 3km and 13km models. No RAP_devs or WRF_Solar models yet. Also, you can now change the legend title as well as the curve attributes when you click on the legend. Routine(s) changed: Welcome.cgi, CurveParameters.java, get_vert_stats.cgi, makejar.

19-May-2015 (production and beta)
Changed the state for station 'Hanford' from WA to CA. Routine(s) changed: CurveParameters. Also changed the entry in table surfrad.stations.

7-April-2015 (production and beta)
Corrected temporal averaging (except diurnal averaging) so that the time window is symmetric around the output time. For instance, for 1h averaging, the 13Z output will take all input valid times between 12:30 and 13:29. This minimizes, but does not completely eliminate, temporal offsets in the averaged output. Routine(s) changed: get_surfrad_ts_stats.cgi.

2-March-2015 (production and beta)
Added statistics: bias, rms, std, and MAE. Prepared the user interface for displaying errors, but haven't implemented that yet. Routine(s) changed: get_surfrad_ts_stats.cgi, CurvesControl, CurveParameters.

25-July-2014 (production and beta)

26-July-2013 (production and beta)
Added multiple scales for HRRR and RAP130 models.

15-July-2013 (production and beta)
First version.

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