HADS, RAWS, MesoWest Hourly Precipitation Display (access from NOAA)

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Usage instructions below the display
You need a Java-aware browser to run this.


Brief Instructions:


Click the Select Data button to Move the mouse over the map to see the geographic coordinates, the station name and weather information.

Drag (move the mouse while holding down button 1) to choose an area in which to zoom. (The zoom will occur as soon as the mouse button is released.) Undo zooming by clicking the un-zoom or reset map button.

Click on a station to display a 12-hour time series for that station in a separate window. (Close the window in the normal way when you are done, or use the Close Histories button to close all time history windows.

Choose to display counties, highways, rivers, and/or airports by clicking the Overlays button. (Image rendering is faster when fewer lines are displayed, so you may wish to only display these after you have zoomed in.)

Ignore the Temp and Wind range bars. They're for another application.

Drag the ball on the 'Spacing' bar to change the minimum distance between stations shown, in pixels.

Use the Show Special button to show values or to display only those stations that are reporting non-zero precip.

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