Model-RAOB Time Series Statistics Change Details

8-March-2017 (production, on new server)
All beta changes moved to production.

7-March-2017 (beta)

4-Jan-2017 (production)
All beta changes moved to production.

29-Dec-2017 (beta)
Zooming fixed for the "Dieoff" option. Also, for the "Dieoff" option, we now plot all points, even those with "too few" entries in the average. Routines changed: DisplayFrame, getStats.cgi.

7-Dec-2016 (beta)
"Dieoff" added as a "projection" option. Routines changed: DisplayFrame, getStats.cgi.

28-Oct-2016 (production)

21-July-2006 (beta)
The ability to not show outliers (data more than 3 standard deviations from the mean of each curve) was added. Also, the format for the input form was changed a little bit. Routines changed: getStats.cgi, CurvesControl, CurveParameters.

21-July-2016 (production)
All beta changes moved to production.

26-May-2016 (beta)
Included some extra class files in the jar file so we don't get security errors when the user chooses to change the label of a curve. Routines changed: makejar.

30-Sept-2015 (beta)

27-Sept-2015 (beta)
WARNING! turned off the test that plots a gap in the averaging period isn't filled with enough data. Routine changed: getStats.cgi

2-Sept-2015 (beta)
Major change -- adapted the DisplayFrame code from the Model-RAOB profile plots that used Patrick's java code that avoids calls to 'JPlotLayout'. This gives us much more control over layers and grids, and potentially allows us to add error bars such as we have in the Model-RAPB profile plots. Also, changed the color of the Y-Axis grid to very light gray (new Color(220,220,220)). Routine changed: DisplayFrame, CurveParameters, getStats.cgi.

24-Aug-2015 (beta and production)
Changed color of the Y-Axis grid to lightGray. Routine changed: DisplayFrame.

2-June-2015 (beta)
Changed that the 'too few points' or 'too few valid times' does not apply is the requested stat is 'N'. Routine changed: getStats.cgi.

18-Mar-2015 (production)
All beta changes moved to production

23-Jan-2015 (beta)
Fixed a bug that caused the scaling to not use the full dynamic range. This didn't affect data values, except perhaps at the round-off level. Routine changed: getStats.cgi.

19-Jan-2015 (beta and production)

16-Jan-2015 (beta)

17-Oct-2014 (beta)

12-Sep-2014 (beta and production)
re: the change of 16-July-2014: we have relaxed the criteria for complete averaging intervals from 90% to 75%, because we were getting too many gaps in, e.g., 7-day averages. If the actual data within an averaging interval fills (contiguously) less than 75% of the averaging interval, that averaging interval is set to 'missing'. Routines changed: getStats.cgi.

28-Aug-2014 (beta and production)

13-Aug-2014 (beta)

16-July-2014 (beta and production)
Fixed to not put out data from incomplete averaging intervals. If the actual data within an averaging interval fills (contiguously) less than 90% of the averaging interval, that averaging interval is set to 'missing'. Routines changed: getStats.cgi.

12-Jun-2014 (beta and production)

7-Oct-2013 (production)
All beta changes moved to production.

9-July-2013 (beta)
Found an error in the calculation of sum_model_ws in the summary tables. The sum included times/locations when the RAOB wind was null. Since the model wind is subsequently calculated as sum_model_ws/N_dw, and since N_dw only includes times/locations when the RAOB wind is non-null, the divisior is inappropriate. So, now the sum_model_ws only includes times/locations when the RAOB wind data also exists. This didn't impact North American RAOBs, because they apparently report winds at all levels. But elsewhere in the world they do not.

20-May-2013 (beta)
Found and corrected an error when the statistic 'model' is used. It was previously calculated for T and RH as ob + bias. But since bias is defined as 'ob minus model', to get the model value correctly, we must use ob - bias. This is now corrected. Routine changed: getStats.cgi

1-Apr-2013 (beta, no fooling)

28-Mar-2013 (beta)

22-Mar-2013 (beta)

27-Feb-2013 (beta)
Brought back the zero line when differences are displayed (it vanished due to a bug). Also, changed the order of colors, so the zero line shows in gray when two curves are differences. Also, linked the colors of the curves with those of the curve-parameter forms. Routine changed: getStats.cgi, DisplayFrame, CurvesControl.

7-Dec-2012 (production and beta)
Changed the dp_to_rh_calculator for isoBak13 from Fan-Whiting to 'FW-to-Wobus' to match the other RUC runs.

11-Oct-2012 (beta)

26-Sep-2012 (beta)

5-Mar-2012 (beta)
The default curve weight is now HEAVY, rather than SOLID, per Stan's request. Routine changed DisplayFrame.

22-Feb-2012 (beta)
Adjusted the web page to correctly list models that have tables that end in "_Areg0" as well as "_reg0". The tables that end in "_Areg0" (or other region numbers) include average model wind speed and average RAOB wind speed, so wind speed bias can be calculated. Routine changed: Welcome.cgi.

9-Feb-2012 (beta)

5-Jan-2012 (production and beta)
The upper limit of the drop-down box for years now updates automatically to the current year +1. Routine changed: CurvesControl, lib.JYearBox.

17-Nov-2010 (production and beta)
The list of models is now generated by looking at the database, for tables that match "ruc_ua_sums2.*_reg0". If a table of that name exists, the model name implicit in the table name is included in the list of models. Routine changed: Welcome.cgi.

4-Nov-2010 (production and beta)

2-Nov-2010 (beta)

28-Oct-2010 (beta)
Added 18h forecasts to the list of available 'proj'. Routine(s) changed: CurveParameters.

22-Oct-2010 (beta)
Can now eliminate any curves by clicking on the 'x' in the upper right of each curve's parameter specification. (Previously, you could only eliminate the last curve.) Routine(s) changed: DisplayFrame, CurveParameters, CurvesControl, StatsDisplay, SimpleLine2, getStats.cgi.

21-Oct-2010 (beta)
Corrected for a bug in Java 6 update 22 that breaks JButtons with html text. Routines changed: CurvesControl.

22-Feb-2010 (beta and production)
For matched curves, we now require that the number of items in the averaged or summed 'group by' group are the same. This is in response to some RR soundings that did not include all levels, so the group average over multiple levels were not always consistent between curves. (We believe we've also fixed the RR processing that allowed incomplete files to generate soundings.) Routines changed: getStats.cgi.

15-Feb-2010 (beta, and production on 22-Feb-2010)
If difference curves are not asked for, the zero curve is not put out. Routines changed: getStats.cgi.

12-Feb-2010 (beta)
Text window summary of curve statistics shows the last (difference) curves first, for ease or reading. Also, the location of the time series plot is a little lower so that it doesn't obscure the summary statistics. Routines changed: DisplayFrame, NewFrameThread.

10-Feb-2010 (beta)
Text window now shows a summary of curve statistics at the top. Routines changed: DisplayFrame.

27-Jan-2009 (production and beta)

8-Oct-2009 (beta)

3-Oct-2009 (beta)
Added a date range, which defaults to the past 30 days.Routines changed: CurvesControl, StatsDisplay.

21-Sep-2009 (beta)
Added standard error calculation (only works for data sets without missing values). Moved the calculation of the mean and standard deviation to the new statistics-processing routine. New routine: gov.noaa.fsl.frd.lib.Stat.

1-May-2009 (beta)

20-Jan-2009 (production and beta)
A little more rearrangement, and moved beta changes to production.

2-Jan-2009 (beta)
Rearranged the order of fields to use screen space more efficiently. Also, removed the 'matched' attribute for each curve and replaced that function with 'plot unmatched' and 'plot matching' buttons. Also, renamed the web page from 'inter.html' to 'Welcome.html'. Routines changed: CurveParameters, CurvesControl,Welcome.html.

16-June-2008 (production and beta)
Region names instead of region numbers are now put on the output plots. Routines changed: CurveParameters, DisplayFrame, getStats.cgi.

3-June-2008 (production )

5-May-2008 (beta and production)
Order of curve legends is reversed. First curve plotted is at the bottom, subsequent curves are higher up. This was done so that difference curves can more easily be clipped off screen captures. Routine changed: DisplayFrame.

28-Mar-2008 (production)
All beta changes moved to production

27-Mar-2008 (beta)

We've become more strict on loading soundings into the database. If any line in the sounding is bad, we reject the entire thing. This primarily affects RAOBs. In addition, we've added several models over the past year. We also now print out a warning if the location reported in a sounding differs from the location specified in the database. Routines changed: SoundingLoader2, Verify, UpdateAllSums.

Forecast projection '12' added. Routine changed: CurveParameters.

1-March-2007 (beta and production)
Standard RUC menu added to left side.

January-2007 (beta and productions)
Plot generation speeded up by pre-calculating daily sums.

November-2006 (beta and production)

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