Change Details - New Hourly Model Ceiling Statistics

28-Nov-2017 (production and beta, on new server)
Queries for PODy/n and FAR were incorrect and have been fixed. Routine(s) changed: get_ceil_stats.cgi.

9-March-2017 (production and beta, on new server)
The java code calls getModels.cgi to get the list of available models. Also, the java code calculates default start and end dates. Routine(s) changed: StatsDisplay, CurveParameters, Welcome.cgi, getModels.cgi (new).

31-Aug-2016 (beta and production)

25-Aug-2016 (beta and production)
Corrected an error that caused multiple METAR reports within the same hour to be matched with the model. Only the METAR report nearest the model valid time within each hour (valid time +/- 30 min) was supposed to matched with the model. This shouldn't change the statistics very much, but the correction does lower Ntot and Nlow. Ntot should now correctly match the number of METARs within the region that reported during the hour centered on the model valid time.

22-Aug-2016 (beta and production)
Found an error in the ceiling calculation algorithm that's been there since the start. We had been taking the altitude (AGL) of the lowest reported level as the ceiling, even if the lowest level was SCT or FEW. We now take the lowest level coded as BKN, OVC, or VV. This was corrected starting 20-Aug-2016.

26-Aug-2015 (beta and production)

16-July-2015 (beta)
Added options to look at the verification statistics out on 3-hourly intervals out to 30 hours. Done in response to the RAP and HRRR forecast lengths being extended. Routine(s) changed: CurveParameters.

16-July-2014 (beta)
Fixed to not put out data from incomplete averaging intervals. If there are gaps at either end of the averaging interval that together exceed 10% of the total averaging interval, the datum for that interval is set to 'missing'. Routine changed: get_ceil_stats.cgi

3-May-2012 20Z (beta and oper)

3-May-2012 (beta and oper)
discovered a problem with NAM results for all regions other than RUC. All NAM regions were filled with data from the RUC regions. Fixed starting 0Z today. Check the Ntot variable to see if NAM has too many METARs for a given region. Need to eliminate the bad data.

1-May-2012 (beta)

26-Jan-2012 (beta and production)

25-Jan-2012 (beta and production)
Made a fix to account for a change in the 'missing' value for ceilings (i.e., clear sky). Previously, this was negative. Now its some big number. So, ceilings > 1e10 are now coded as 60,000 ft, the same way negative ceilings were previously treated. Routine(s) changed: fill_rotLL_ceil_values3.c.

5-Jan-2012 (beta)
The drop-down list for years now updates automatically to include the current year +1. Routine(s) changed: CurvesControl, lib.JYearBox.

26-Sep-2011 (beta)

26-May-2011 (beta)
We updated the processing for models: NAM dev1320 Op13 Op20 dev13 Bak13. Previously, we tried to process only one hour each hour; this caused occasional gaps when the db was too busy. We now process the 'current' hour (generally 5 hrs ago), then 1,3, and 8 hours previous to that. We also note if an hour/fcst has already been processed, so we don't re-process it. We also provide a second change to load obs into the ceiling db. To do this we added an entry to cron2's cron for ' -3 wolphin'Routine(s) changed:,

12-May-2011 (beta)
We now allow a 'region' consisting of single METAR site id's (or several separated by commas). But this only works for 'unmatched' curves, and for the 'PODy' statistic. Routine(s) changed:, get_ceil_stats.cgi.

19-Oct-2010 (later, beta only)
Now use a little 'x' in the upper right of each curve specifier to allow it to be removed. We no longer have a 'remove' button that removes the last curve. So, you can now remove any curve. Routine(s) changed: CurvesControl, DisplayFrame, CurveParameters, SimpleLine2, get_ceil_stats.cgi.

19-Oct-2010 (production and beta)

21-Oct-2009 (beta)
Statistics, including standard error, added to the text window. Routine(s) changed: DisplayFrame.

20-Aug-2009 (production and beta)

17-Aug-2009 (beta)
Text window option added, that shows for each data point (averaged or not) the date, the value plotted, the number of hours in the average (Nhrs), the number of METAR sites below the threshold (Nlow), and the total number of METARs (Ntot). Routine(s) changed: get_ceil_stats.cgi, StatsDisplay, CurvesControl, DisplayFrame.

13-Aug-2009 (production and beta)

5-Dec-2008 (production and beta)

2-Dec-2008 (beta)
Updated to get a list of models from the calling web page. Also, got rid of an annoying java bean info call in SGLabel that may have slowed down the appearence of plots. Routine(s) changed: Welcome.cgi, CurveParameters, StatsDisplay, CurvesControl, gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.SGLabel

First version. This uses data from the 'ceiling' database on wolphin.

Prepared by Bill Moninger,
Last modified: Thu Mar 9 21:39:57 UTC 2017