Time Series AMDAR-Model Statistics Change Details

3-April-2019 (beta)
Got Phase = 'R' (Raobs) working again (for HRRR region, not RUC region). Routine(s) changed: get_amdar_ts_stats.cgi.

7-June-2017 (beta)
A java web start (browser-independent) version of this was created, and changes were made to support a java web start version of this: Models now come from getModels.cgi, and an initial time window of 1 month is determined by the java code rather than the calling script. Routine(s) changed: getModels.cgi (new), Welcome.cgi, StatsDisplay.

2-March-2017 (production and beta)

15-April-2016 (beta)

7-Oct-2015 (beta and production)
Made the legend and both axes selectable via a double-click, and cleaned up 'makejar' so all needed routines are signed.. Routine(s) changed: DisplayFrame, makejar.

27-Aug-2015 (beta and production)
Changed color of background horizontal lines from black to very light gray (Color(220,220,220)). Routine(s) changed: DisplayFrame.

28-May-2015 (beta and production)
Adjusted the time averaging to that average intervals always start with the start date that is input by the user. (Previously, they started implicitly with 1/1/1970, and the average time blocks could not be shifted.) Routine(s) changed: get_amdar_ts_stats.cgi.

24-Mar-2015 (beta and production)
Corrected processing of RAP_dev1 to accomodate the new rotated lat-lon grid. RAP processing on zeus will automatically recognize the new rotated LL grid. Routine(s) changed: on zeus.

20-Nov-2014 (beta and production)

26-Aug-2014 (beta and production)

18-Aug-2014 (production and beta)

11-Aug-2014 (production and beta)
Added RAP_iso_130 for clearer comparison with RAP_OPS_iso_130 (since they're both on the 130 grid.) Routine(s) changed (on jet): gen_RR_acars_stats2.pl, get_RR_prs_file.pl,

16-Jul-2014 (production and beta)

6-Sep-2013 (production and beta)
Changed the date format used for Diurnal plots to DD-MMM-YY.

29-May-2013 (production and beta)
Added Diurnal as an averaging option. This option provides statistics by hour of the day for the entire time window specified. Routine(s) changed: get_amdar_ts_stats.cgi, DisplayFrame, CurveParameters.

28-May-2013 (production and beta)
Forecasts for 0h, 3,6,9,12h are now available in addition to 1h forecasts.

24-May-2013 (production and beta)
Corrected a 1h error in the grib file used to compare with the AMDAR obs. Previously, obs were compared with a forecast valid 1h later than the top of the hour nearest the obs times. Checking showed tht 7 day statistics differed very little because of this.

20-May-2013 (production and beta)
First version.

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