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upcoming HRRRv2/RAPv3 imple @ NCEP - sched 8/23

Posted By: Stan Benjamin for Curtis Alexander
Date: 18-July-16 2156Z

Experimental and operational RAP and HRRR users,

** NCEP RAPv3/HRRRv2 parallel evaluation has started **

This email is a general notification that the NCEP RAP version three/HRRR version two (RAPv3/HRRRv2) parallel 30-day evaluation has started as of 12 UTC 14 July 2016. Forecast grids are being produced from a parallel configuration of the RAPv3/HRRRv2 running on the NCEP computer system. These NCEP GRIB2 forecast grids are being produced and made available in real-time for all 24 runs per day. This NCEP RAPv3/HRRRv2 parallel configuration is not yet officially operational and will remain in a parallel status throughout this 30-day evaluation period. The estimated current date for the operational implementation of the RAPv3/HRRRv2 is 12 UTC 23 August 2016, although this date is still subject to change. We encourage users of the operational and/or experimental RAP and HRRR data to begin evaluation and use of these NCEP RAPv3/HRRRv2 parallel grids at your earliest convenience.

(1) GRIDS: The NCEP RAPv3/HRRRv2 parallel GRIB2 grids are available at:


(2) WEB GRAPHICS: The NCEP RAPv3/HRRRv2 parallel web graphics are available at:


Additional web graphics produced from ESRL (not 24/7 availability) for the NCEP RAPv3/HRRRv2 are available from:


(3) INFORMATION: The technical information notice (TIN) related to the underlying science and output changes between the operational RAPv2 and the parallel RAPv3 along with the operational HRRRv1 and the parallel HRRRv2 are contained in the document:


Additional information will be provided in future updates as the operational implementation date is approached.

(Note: NCEP's parallel HRRRv2_NCO uses the same code as ESRL's HRRRX until the HRRRv2/RAPv3 implementation. A 1-slide summary of these changes is available in http://ruc.noaa.gov/pdf/HRRRv2-RAPv3-change-highlight-1slide.png.


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