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Interactive non-java soundings

Posted By: Bill Moninger
Date: 24-February-16 2322Z

Because java applets are becoming ever more difficult to run, we've upgraded our non-java interactive sounding display at http://rucsoundings.noaa.gov/ , or more directly at http://rucsoundings.noaa.gov/gwt/?start=latest .

This interactive display has all the functions of our java display, and some new ones, as described below.

In the future, we expect to discontinue support for our java displays.

Here are the new features of the new display:

-- If you wish to display only some soundings in a time window, you can specify the "Number of hours to load" as, e.g., "10,3". This will show the soundings in a 10 hour time window, but for every third hour. So, if you want to display GFS soundings every 12 hours for the next 5 days, you'd enter "120,12". Specifying a single number in "Number of hours to load" will continue to display a sounding for each hour in the time range, if available.

-- When you overlay multiple soundings (by holding down the shift key as you click additional sounding buttons), the button text changes color to (approximately) match the color of the curves.

-- Twenty soundings buttons are now shown below the SkewT plot. Previously there were 16.

-- When sending up a parcel trajectory by clicking on the plot, you can specify the dewpoint (as well as temperature and pressure) by holding down the shift key while you click.

-- There is a new option for "Desired forecast projection" called "Single-run". If this option is chosen, all soundings within the time window will be taken from the model run having an analysis time specified in the "Start date". (This is primarily for model developers; users interested in the most accurate soundings at each valid time should continue to use "Desired forecast projection" = "shortest").

-- For the RAP and RAP_OPS_130 models, we now use the Operational RAP on the 130 grid (13km CONUS), in netcdf format for improved speed.

-- Add this parameter to the URL to turn off (nearly) all text and links on the page except for the display itself: "&layout=off".

We hope you'll find this upgraded display useful. To keep forum traffic light, please send any questions to bill.moninger@noaa.gov.


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