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NCEP HRRR parallel evaluation started

Posted By: Stan Benjamin
Date: 12-August-14 1523Z

ESRL and NCEP HRRR users, (from Curtis Alexander at NOAA/ESRL/GSD)

** NCEP HRRR parallel evaluation has started **

This email is a general notification that the NCEP HRRR parallel 30-day evaluation has now started. Forecast grids are being produced from a parallel configuration of the HRRR running on the NCEP computer system. These NCEP HRRR GRIB2 forecast grids are being produced and made available in real-time for all 24 runs per day. This NCEP HRRR parallel configuration is not yet officially operational and will remain in a parallel status throughout this 30-day evaluation period. The estimated current date for the operational implementation of the NCEP HRRR is 14 UTC 23 September 2014, although this date is still subject to change. We encourage users of the gridded ESRL HRRR data to begin evaluation and use of these NCEP HRRR parallel grids at your earliest convenience.

(1) GRIDS: The NCEP HRRR parallel GRIB2 grids are available at:


Under these directories there are files of the format:


where YYYYMMDD = run start time year, month and day
HH = run start hour
FF = forecast length

The wrfnat files contain 3-D native-level fields, the wrfprs files contain 3-D pressure-level fields, the wrfsfc files contain 2-D fields many of which are surface-based, and the wrfsubh files contain sub-hourly 2-D fields with four valid times per file (:15, :30, :45 and :60). All surface fields are appended to the native-level and pressure-level grids. Users should note that there are a few differences between these NCEP HRRR grids and our ESRL HRRR grids including:

(a) A slight shift in grid point locations of the NCEP HRRR grids. The shift in locations should be relatively small (~1 km) and less than the distance between grid points (~ 3km).

(b) Some NCEP HRRR GRIB2 category, discipline and/or parameter numbers and labels are different for some fields when compared to the ESRL HRRR counterparts. Updated NCEP HRRR parallel GRIB2 table listings are now available at:


(c) The generating model ID# for the HRRR has been assigned as 83 and is present in all native-level, pressure-level and surface fields.

(d) We will change the ESRL HRRR GRIB2 data to conform to the NCEP HRRR GRIB2 data at a point later this year (on or after 01 November 2014). The ESRL HRRR feed will remain available through and after NCEP operational implementation, as we will continue the processes of developing the ESRL HRRR model for future upgrades of the NCEP HRRR. Additional information will be provided in the near future regarding NCEP HRRR implementation.

(2) WEB GRAPHICS: ESRL is hosting the website for this 30-day NCEP HRRR parallel evaluation and the URLs for the NCEP HRRR parallel real-time output are at:

Hourly output:

Sub-hourly output:

Users should feel free to use these websites during the evaluation process.


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