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HRRR images

Posted By: Scott Dennstaedt
Date: 12-November-12 1321Z

I am attempting to reference specific image files from the HRRR. For example, here's a direct link (URL) to the aviation flight rules 5 hour forecast image for the 10Z run on November 12th (this link may be obsolete by the time this message is posted).


If you enter this URL above into a browser, you get an error that the image does not exist. Unless I'm mistaken, I've noticed that the actual file image appears to be generated on the fly any time you click on a loop or specific image through the HRRR website. I've always wondered why it takes so long to view a complete loop of a particular weather parameter. So, I'm assuming that the image png files are generated only when they are requested through the HRRR website (http://rapidrefresh.noaa.gov/hrrrconus/).

Please correct me if I am wrong, but this makes the forecasts and analyses nearly impossible to use outside of the HRRR website. Yes, I am sure that these images can be generated from the raw GRIB files, but I prefer not to go to that extent. I simply want to reference the png images directly.

Here's my suggestion/request. Institute a latest image paradigm where you create the actual images for the latest run of the model - a common method used throughout NOAA/NWS. The URLs to these images would remain static from run to run extending the usability of the product outside of the HRRR website. For example, the URL above would be something like...


Once again, the image files to the latest run would not be generated on the fly, but be rendered for immediate reference when the data from the latest model run becomes available. This allows your users to reference specific files that can be easily embedded in their own html without the need to write fancy discovery code or decode a GRIB file. Each run of the model would overwrite the data from the previous run making for efficient use of server space. Hopefully you see that this extends the usability of the Rapid Refresh model.

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