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Update on Rapid Refresh - additional questions

Posted By: Stan Benjamin
Date: 9-September-10 1710Z

Hello RUC users.

(continuation below for questions 9 onward)

9. Since the RR-13 is sent in GRIB-2 that is compressed, do you have minimum, maximum, and nominal file sizes for the full grid with all parameters, in pressure format?
9) The fields from RR are no different than the RUC in their field ranges and the RUC is already compressed by GRIB2, therefore, CONUS RR-13 files should be the same size as those RUC-13 files generated from the RUC.

10. Can you make similar estimates for a reduced RR-13 in GRIB-2 Pressure for the FAA reduced parameter set?
10) For the reasons given above, any CONUS file with identical reduced content as the RUC should be the same size as those generated from the RUC.

11. What is the frequency of the update of RR-13? (one hour or 15 minutes?)
11) One hour.

12. Does the RR-13 cover Puerto Rico?
12) Yes -- see http://rapidrefresh.noaa.gov for full domain maps and even domain parameters from left column of links.

13. What certification of the RR-40 has been performed to ensure that the data is of equivalent or better quality in comparison with the RUC-40?

13) NCEP is running the same battery of statistical measures to evaluate the RR that we use when updating the RUC model. ESRL/GSD has been doing the same during their preliminary testing in Boulder. Our testing has not stabilised so it is too early to quote any numbers based on our testing.

14. The FAA is developing requirements for NexGen Weather and would like to know the following. Are there NWS plans to provide the RR-40 in Netcdf format? In what time frame would it be possible to get the RR-40 in NETCDF-4 format?
14) Netcdf output format is not currently supported by NCEP Central Operations, so we will not be providing any data in that format. When NextGen requirements are published, the issue should be brought up with NCEP Central Operations who are solely responsible for the data (and format of data) being distributed to users.

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