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Message: meteogram processing

Posted by Geoff Manikin on 10 Jul 02, 7:56 MT

The development queue of the IBM supercomputer at NCEP is unavailable to users for the next 5 days due to testing of the T254 version of the AVN. As a result, processing of the RUC forecast meteograms at www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/mmb/rucmeteograms will not be possible. The generation of these plots is not yet an operational job, so it must be done as a developmental job. If you have a particular station for which you rely on this output, send an e-mail to me at geoffrey.manikin@noaa.gov, and I will try to generate an occasional plot for you on a workstation. Complete RUC meteogram processing will resume late in the weekend or early Monday.

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