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Message: potential vorticity calculation

Posted by Dave Ahijevych on 18 Oct 01, 12:00 MT

Some of us in MMM are looking at RUC2 data for the 1998 warm season. In our particular archive (in NCAR Mass Storage under /RAPDMG/AWC/), the model analyses contain several 3D grib fields, including Potential Vorticity.

Was this PV diagnosed at FSL? And if so, how was it calculated?

The grib files also have "[m^2/s/kg]" as PV units. I was wondering how PV was calculated, since these units were not what I expected (isn't there a K in the numerator?).

Maybe these PV fields were post-processed by whomever created this RAP Mass Storage archive, and I am barking up the wrong tree. Sorry if this is the case!



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