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Message: Analysis precip

Posted by Niall Hanan on 11 Jul 01, 13:42 MT

I'm just starting to work with the RUC analysis product as a potential data-source for regional-continental land surface modeling (so please excuse a naive question!).

We routinely download the analysis products (e.g. *.grb2an1 and *.bgrban1) from the ruc2 directory at ftp.ncep.noaa.gov. We then extract surface variables including temperature, humidity, wind-speed and precipitation. It seems that all 5 precip variables (precip_rate, 2*convective and 2* large_scale) contain null values (-9999) in the data we've scanned so far.

Are surface precipitation measurements not assimilated into the RUC analyses? (We'd rather use the analyses to be as close to "measurements" as possible and to correspond in time with the analyses temperature, humidity, etc.)

Any suggestions on how we might obtain precip analyses at the same spatial/temporal resolution as the RUC2 data?

Thanks - niall

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