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Message: Re: Buoy data in the RUC

Posted by Fred G. Ros on 8 Jun 01, 12:18 MT, in response to Re: Buoy data in the RUC, posted by Stan Benjamin on Tuesday, 3 June 1997, at 6:59 p.m. MT


I'm Fred Rose from NASA Langley. I't been a while.

Hi have just begun to pull Maps profiles using:

Should I be using data_source=MAPS or RUC2 in order to
pull the version that has BOUY data. Or does it matter ?

Nasa has an experiment "CLAMS" centered on Chesapeake Light
july10-Aug3. We hope to also launch Radiosondes from Ches Light (BUOY CHLV2) for some of the days of the experiment.

I'm archiving the data we pull for the experiment at..

Is it OK with you to do this?

Will your archive remain online for a while after the experiment if we miss data for some reason.


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