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Message: Re: soundings

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 8 May 01, 7:51 MT, in response to Re: soundings, posted by Irn Jousma on 7 May 01, 13:15 MT

Take a look at http://ruc.fsl.noaa.gov main page and poke on the different links to see how the RUC/MAPS forecast model gets initialized, including the data sources. Yes, commercial aircraft data from around the country are used, but also that from surface sites, wind profiler, radar, and satellite. The model itself imposes much of the consistency, constrained by the observations which are at coarser scale than the model runs at. The runs are updated hourly based on the latest observations.

Given your name and email, I'll guess you are from western Michigan. If you didn't already discover it, look at the Great Lakes regional maps from the 20km RUC and 40km RUC under the RUC web page (index on left, then from national to regional Gt Lakes) for surface wind patterns, as well as at the sounding web page.

Stan Benjamin

original message

I am a soaring pilot interested in using your soundings in a soaring forcast for a local competition. I am new to this (large) web page
and it's resources. What is (are)the raw data source for the RUC sounding and how temporal is that data? A friend mentioned he
thought it was updated from commercial aircraft data collected all over the U.S.-that true?

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