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Message: Re: Question on RUC Visibility Calculations

Posted by Eric Kemp on 25 Apr 01, 8:12 MT, in response to Re: Question on RUC Visibility Calculations, posted by Stan Benjamin on 24 Apr 01, 13:51 MT

Hello again,

I've read through the Smirnova et al. ARAM Conference paper. While it gives some clues about the graupel and RH equations (extinction coefficient for graupel slightly smaller than for snow, RH equation yields 8km visibility at 95% RH, with about 30km at 50%), the preprint doesn't list the actual equations. In addition, the description of the visibility algorithm on the "MAPS/RUC diagnostic variables" web page differs somewhat from the ARAM description in that it lists a visibility of 5km instead of 8km at 95% RH.

I guess the question I'm really asking is: what are the equations that you are using?

Thanks again,

Eric Kemp

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