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Message: RUC/MAPS web graphics

Posted by Will Murray on 3 Sep 00, 9:29 MT

 Over the last few weeks, we've had some occasional local troubles downloading the 40km RUC grids from OSO. When this happens, I can always trust on current RUC/MAPS data being available at your webpage (maps.fsl.noaa.gov), but I've noticed that some of the links send me to what look like broken links. Specifically, I can't seem to get to:
RUC2 tropopause pressure
RUC2 soil moisture
40km MAPS surface dewpoints/winds
I've tried both Netscape and IE (ugh!), but to no avail. I am always looking at the NE (Northeast) Region graphics, but I think this might be true of other regions as well. Any ideas?
 I still use the RUC everyday, and it's the best thing since sliced bread! Can't wait to see the 40km grids in AWIPS, and the MAPS out to 36 hrs is awesome...

Will Murray - WFO BTV


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