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Message: New products for RUC/MAPS cycles

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 13 Apr 00, 9:40 MT

The processing for RUC/MAPS web products has been improved to include new products and to display the same products for all 4 RUC/MAPS cycles:
1) operational RUC at NCEP
2) backup RUC run at FSL (swapped in for NCEP RUC when NCEP is down)
3) MAPS run at FSL
4) parallel MAPS run at FSL (used to test changes such as cloud analysis or hourly VAD winds (current test))
Versions 2, 3, and 4 all have upgrades not yet in the operational RUC at NCEP. Change log files for each are available on the respective pages.

The new web products now available for all RUC/MAPS cycles are: helicity/storm motion, precipitation type, convective cloud top, sfc visibility, sfc wind gust speed, boundary layer height, cloud base, stable cloud top, and snow water depth in snow cover. All of these fields are available in the pggrib files from the operational RUC. Please email or post with any suggestions you have regarding these products.

Stan Benjamin and Kevin Brundage


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