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Message: Re: Change for post-proc/new vars in RUC still on hold

Posted by Geoff Manikin on 27 Jan 00, 11:38 MT, in response to Change for post-proc/new vars in RUC still on hold, posted by Stan Benjamin on 19 Jan 00, 8:00 MT

 We didn't think it would happen this quickly, but
the changes to add the new output variables to the RUC2
were implemented for the 16Z run today (1-27-00).
We have verified that the new variables are in the
GRIB files but haven't checked how the output looks.
If you see any problems, please post a message stating
what you see. Thanks!

 We also put in a small change to correct a problem
 with the pressure tendency field. Greg, I will try
 to find out whether the problem you mentioned is
 now fixed.

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