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Message: Re: Bad year in RUC - FSL RUC backup

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 6 Jan 100, 14:19 MT, in response to Bad year in RUC??, posted by Tom Turton on 6 Jan 100, 12:28 MT


Thanks for pointing this out. This was a problem at FSL. From 16z thru 20z today, the NCEP IBM computer had some maintenance, so the RUC files were from FSL. Starting at 21z, it will be back to NCEP RUC files. We looked at this and found a small but all important code discrepancy between the NCEP RUC and the FSL code. It is fixed now, and the 20z run from FSL is being rerun and is almost complete now at 2116z. Our apologies for causing these problems to RUC users.

By the way, I also apologize that we did not post that the FSL backup would be used for these few hours this afternoon. We knew, but forgot to pass on the word to users such as yourself. Will be sure to do this next time thru this web forum, as we did for the December backup period.


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