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Message: RUC processing resumes at NCEP at 15z today

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 18 Nov 99, 8:15 MT

As of the 15z run today, the RUC processing will resume at NCEP on the IBM SP, using a 1h RUC forecast from the 14z run processed at FSL.

There have been a few differences between the FSL version and the NCEP version (described in http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov/rucbackup_diff.html), including more advanced versions of code running at FSL. NCEP and FSL will work to incorporate these improvements into the NCEP version. The first priority will be the additional 8 output variables, including cloud base/height, sfc visibility, sfc wind gust, etc. We don't know yet when these changes can be made -- will announce when we know more.



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