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Message: 0-3h precip, precip over oceans

Posted by Stan Benjamin on 12 Nov 99, 15:14 MT

A few of you may have noticed precip seeming to be on the light side for the 1st three hours since the RUC model replacement on Wed afternoon. We finally figured out that the 0-3h accumulated precip was in fact the 2-3h (1h period) precip. This was just fixed so that the 3h precip field in the 1st 3 h is in fact the actual 3h precip.

For RUC users in the southeastern quadrant of the US, you will notice that that the long-term problem with too widespread precip over warm oceans is much better since Wed afternoon. This version of the RUC model also solves a problem with exaggerated sensible/latent fluxes causing exaggerated convective precip in these areas.

Overall, the behavior of this version of this version of the RUC model used since Wed afternoon has been completely stable, as far as we can tell. Please send email to me or post a message if you notice anything amiss. Thank you.

Stan Benjamin

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