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Message: Re: Questions

Posted by Geoff Manikin on 3 Nov 99, 7:09 MT, in response to Questions, posted by Kevin Baggett on 1 Nov 99, 12:52 MT


 40-km output for the RUC *is* always available. You
want output on the native grid which has 40-km spacing.
It is available on the OSO server - directions on how to
get data from this server can be found on the FSL/MAPS
web page. When you get to the "ncepe" directory on
the OSO server, you can select either the pggrib directory
(isobaric data), nggrib (output on native levels), or
sgrib (surface fields only) for data at 40-km resolution.
If you are getting your files at another site, look for
'pgrb', 'bgrb', or 'sgrb' in the file names. Note that
this 40-km RUC output is available regardless of whether
we're in backup mode (with the model run at FSL) as we
are now or if things are running "normally" with the model
being run at NCEP.

 For some EMC verification data, go to
 and click on "verification".

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