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Message: Questions

Posted by Kevin Baggett on 1 Nov 99, 12:52 MT

Hi - I have been able to figure out how to get RUC output from the NCEP model sites on Grid 211 using wgrib. Grid 211 has 80-km spacing. I have been looking on this website and am seeing that there is 40-km output - is this just for MAPS or is it operational? If it is operational, I would like to get this 40-km output. What are the file names?
I've also been looking for errors in the model wind vectors in comparison to actual data. I found some here, but just rms difference for the 3-hour and 12-hour RUC. What about the other times? Also, does anyone know where I could find wind vector error results for the other models on NCEP - NGM, Eta, etc. What about MM5 and the Meso-Eta 29-km?
Thanks for any input!
 Kevin Baggett


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